Canadian National Bridge W40.07 over McLean Boulevard


Canadian National Railway


FH Paschen (FHP)


South Elgin, Illinois

Key Staff

Sandor Ferenczi, SE

This value engineering redesign is the result of an innovative collaboration between Engineer BB&A, Contractor FHP, the CN, Kane County, and the Illinois Department of Transportation. The existing bridge was replaced to accommodate the widening of McLean Boulevard as part of Kane County's extensive Stearns Road Corridor Improvement Project. The original design for the structure called for the construction of a temporary shoofly runaround while the the replacement was being build alongside. However, FHP retained BB&A for a value engineering redesign that eliminated the need for the shoofly, and along with it the temporary embankment and an extensive earth retention system to support the runaround.

The CN, Kane County, and IDOT all approved BB&A's innovative redesign, which reduced costs and condensed construction time through the elimination of the embankment consolidation period and through significant reductions in excavation, piling and concrete for the two abutments. 

Within a 12-hour track outage on June 16, the existing 80-year old wood trestle bridge was removed, existing embankment was excavated to provide room for the new superstructure and to uncover previously installed abutment caps on drilled shafts, the pre-assembled bridge superstructure with backwalls was rolled into its permanent position, the abutments backfilled and the track reconnected. The new 115’ single-span structure saw its first train in the early morning hours of June 17, less than 24 hours after the last-ever train to cross the old bridge did so.