Firm Profile

Bowman, Barrett & Associates Inc. (BB&A) is a full-service engineering consulting firm founded by Louis Bowman and John Barrett in December 1989.

The company has grown steadily since its inception, providing professional services to the transportation industry, architects and builders. Today, BB&A employs over 60 individuals, with exceptional credentials covering virtually all aspects of planning, design and construction management. The firm continues to work on complex and expansive engineering projects all over the country. For each assignment, we select a team with the right mix of experience, knowledge, and creativity to assess the options and deliver cost-effective results.

BB&A is dedicated to the professional practice of civil and structural engineering services for key infrastructure - airports, bridges, buildings, highways and railroads. We are a dynamic organization operating in a competitive and challenging business environment. We believe in working hard to produce effective solutions for our clients' needs; solutions that are well presented and add value beyond what was envisioned or thought possible.

BB&A will realize this vision through its efforts to create an environment in which

  • Teamwork, collaboration and partnership thrive;
  • Integrity, enthusiasm, determination and a commitment to excellence are hallmark values of the firm; and
  • The "common good" of the industry is supported with voice and action.