I-80 over the Fox River

I-80 over the Fox River and BNSF Railroad


IL Dept. of Transporation


LaSalle County, Illinois

BB&A performed preliminary and final design services for approximately 1300 feet of widening and rehabilitation of I-80 in LaSalle County, including the dual structures over the Fox River and Burlington Northern Railroad.

BB&A performed an in-depth field inspection of the existing steel multi-girder bridges and prepared detailed Bridge Condition Reports identifying possible rehabilitation methods that would accommodate a widened deck. In addition, BB&A prepared a Hydraulic Report for the structure over the Fox River and a Project Report outlining the design criteria, environmental issues, and probable construction costs.

Final design services included preparation of Type, Size, and Location and final design plans in addition to special provisions, construction cost, and time estimates.

The structures over the Burlington Northern Railroad were widened in-kind with an additional continuous steel beam and new concrete deck. Substructure units were widened in-kind and included multi-column piers and stub abutments. The length of structure was approximately 180 feet.