Joseph J. Hosanna, SE

Principal Engineer - Bridge

Joseph J. Hosanna, SE is the principal engineer for bridge services. Mr. Hosanna has over 45 years of experience in structural engineering, project management and operations management with particular emphasis on bridge design, including rail and transit shops and yards. His wealth of Class I railroad, commuter rail and transit experience has made him a key addition to BB&A. We offer a diverse portfolio of services designed to fit the specific needs of our rail clients: cost-effective, innovative solutions that are safe and efficient to construct. Mr. Hosanna will play an integral role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for our clients. He is an active member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) (Committee 8: Concrete Structures and Foundations), Structural Engineers Association of Illinois and the Maintenance of Way Club of Chicago. Joseph is a licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois.


Phone Number: (312) 228-0100