November 2016

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  • World Series Champions
    World Series Champions

    Posted: 11/3/2016
    Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on their World Series Victory! Here's a throwback to BB&A founders' experiences in baseball!

    No one under the age of 70 has seen a Cubs World Series game. The last Cubs title predates modern skyscrapers, toasters, assembly line production, sliced bread and Arizona! In the year 1908, Teddy Roosevelt was president and the Model T first rolled off the assembly line. The only World Series won by the Chicago Cubs was 1907 & 1908; both against Detroit.

    The 1945 Chicago Cubs played 154 games during the regular season, won 98 games, lost 56 games, and finished in first position under Manager Charlie Grimm. Both teams were made up of war depleted players; however, Detroit had two Hall of Famers including Hank Greenberg. A sports writer, Warren Brown, said of the teams, "I don't think either one of them can win it." The Cubs lost in seven games to the Detroit Tigers.

    During 1945, gas would cost you 21 cents per gallon, the United Nations wasn't even established, Jackie Robinson was 2 years away from signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers and a ticket to the World Series could run you $7-$10. If you don't believe it, just ask our Founders, Louis Bowman and John Barrett.

    Mr. Bowman and his three friends are just a few of the longtime fans who can say they attended a Cubs game during that season and before the Billy Goat curse.

    Mr. Barrett on the other hand had an entirely different viewpoint of Wrigley Field. Around the same time, the park district had a crosstown All-Star game between the North Side and South Side.

    Fitting the necessary characteristics, 13-year-old John Barrett was the south side All-Star with quick hands and quick feet starting at second base.

  • Congratulations Chicago Cubs!
    Congratulations Chicago Cubs!

    Posted: 11/3/2016
    BB&A is proud to support our Chicago Cubs! Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Champions!